Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best Video Game Stories Ever!

last spring, i was asked to teach a video game writing class at my undergraduate alma mater, american university in washington, d.c. unfortunately, enrollment for the class was too low and as such, it was canceled. :-( as i was preparing to teach, however, i came across a great article featured over at gamesradar about the best video game stories ever. any guesses?

Read the whole article here.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Blog's New Look!

yay! checkie it out, peeps!

my blog is now a pretty darn good match to my website ( we're still tweaking the header a bit, and by "we" i really mean my expert designer!

a big shout-out to miriam dwinell of churn butter design who's busy at work helping me update my website, among other things. she's sweet as punch and has a great eye for all things design. i really can't say enough about her, so just check out her company and hire her! ;-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Move over Cooking Mama!

let's get something straight. i am totally not a chef. i'm actually a pretty darn good baker, but that's as far as my skills go. which is why i admittedly cringed when i was assigned to write the first ever 3D cooking game called Pocket Chef. it's available now on the App store for the iPod and iPod touch.

unfortunately, there's no "host" in the game so i wasn't able to come up with all those funny cooking jokes that i've been saving up in my repertoire. instead, i was asked to clean up the tutorials quite a bit and write the recipes themselves. i didn't get to choose which recipes were used, but i did my best to keep them simple and sweet.

here's a trailer!

also, just got word from hq that they're running a contest! lucky entrants have the chance of winning an ipod touch and a pocket chef apron. details about it can be found here.