Monday, March 15, 2010

Just call me Avril!

so, i've been writing stories since i was a kid, screenplays too...and okay, now video games. but song lyrics? not quite. as an in-house game writer, however, you're sometimes asked to take on projects that may not necessarily be your cup of tea.

believe it or not, i've co-written original lyrics for songs in a few different video games, including American Popstar: Road to Celebrity (DSi) and Gangstar (iPhone). last week, i finished more song lyrics for an upcoming driving game. i'll talk more about that once it's released.

in the meantime, here's a verse or two from "Oh Mama," one of the songs i wrote for American Popstar. my direction? think "cry me a river" by justin timberlake...

Why were you
Holding back on me
About daddy?
You knew I had a dream
But you kept the reality
Away from me, oh.

Now you say
My goal is in my blood
Running through my veins.
You knew I had a dream.
Mama, you could make me scream.

Oh mama...oh mama...
Oh mama...oh are my family.

Bet you didn't think
This day would come
Smashing down, no.
But don't you realize
My love for you
Will never change, oh?

ok, i won't bore you with anymore. :-P hey, i never said it was shakespeare! you can hear the whole song in the game which is available on Nintendo's DSi.