Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Stark Contrast...

i can officially breathe a sigh of relief because i can now talk about the super huge confidential game that i was working on a few months back: iron man 2!

check out these screenshots from the iPhone version:

this was the first comic book tie-in game (tho' it was based more on the movie) that i've ever been a part of, but the development process wasn't unlike other licensed games. as the game's writer, i collaborated with a marvel team and together, we developed a kick-ass story. i worked on the game for both regular cell phones and iPhones (i hear a rumor it's coming to the iPad too), but the iPhone version is very cool, in my opinion. and in case you're wondering, i had nothing to do with the console version (that was sega).

believe it or not, we went back and forth with marvel for a few months about story alone. once that was nailed down, the designers could create the levels and gameplay, and i could start developing characters and writing dialogue. (unfortunately, i wasn't part of the voice-over process. although i have experience directing actors-- that whole recording session happened in an entirely different city).

the game is already available overseas and will become available in the u.s. the first week of may! be sure to check it out!

p.s.: i LOVE channeling robert downey jr.!