Monday, June 6, 2011

Yes, I Can Write Filth.

I recently completed writing a very gritty game called 9mm which is set to debut this week at E3. 9mm is the story about a group of bad cops who do whatever it takes to keep the streets clean, even if that means breaking the law. Based loosely on Southern California (where I lived for 5 years), the game features gangs, a ton of violence, and all the characters have some serious potty mouths. This is definitely not a game for kids.

That said, it was an incredible collaboration with a designer named Damian who works out of a studio in another country... I can't say which. :-) Damian went to film school too, so we were really able to brainstorm and talk story well, a luxury I don't always get at my job. He happens to be a big fan of American action popcorn movies (and loves Sylvester Stallone), so we had some pretty hilarious conversations about eliminating "the cheese with which oozed" from the game. We were also very active with both the voice-over casting and recording processes which was SO great. (We're usually taken out of the loop at that point).

Don't blame me for all the cussing- this is what they wanted! :-) Check out the trailer below.

9mm is scheduled to be released any day now for Android, iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices.