Monday, September 12, 2011

Crafty? Who, me?

The following post is admittedly not about my writing career; however, reading it will give you uber secret insights into my creative thinking as well as my OCD-like nature when it comes to attention to detail.

As some of my loyal readers know, I got married in 2009. While planning the event, I discovered that I had a crafty side. Who knew? It started with the Save the Date cards which I decided I had to make myself...

...and then the invitations which I was determined to screen-print myself, using a nifty Gocco I spontaneously bought on eBay...

Photo taken by Ryan Brenizer

...and then the ceremony programs, and oh yeah- those escort cards that I hand stamped in the middle of the night...

Photo taken by Ryan Brenizer

I also decided to design the dinner menus...

LinkPhoto taken by Ryan Brenizer

...and hellooo? I had to make the favors and the favor tags!

Photo taken by Ryan Brenizer

That said, I quite honestly never thought of myself as an "arts & crafts" person before. I mean, you should see me try to draw a fish. (I've been told that it looks like a worm with feathers). ...and my storyboards in film school were stick figures, ok? So, the sudden urge to craft and create things was a big surprise to everybody who knew me. And it was fun! Soon after my wedding, I began making wire wrapped button rings and Scrabble tile pendants! I started my own Etsy shop (which needs to be updated badly at the moment) and voila- a crafty woman I became!

A few months ago, I started making these flower pins:

They're hand sewn and made from recycled wool sweaters! I started sewing them into hair clips too.

...until one day, I had a brilliant idea to make them into accessories for dogs! Finally, I can put my love for dogs to good use. So, I created more and more...

...and I started selling them at rescue events as donations to Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue!

Here are a couple of rescued dogs modeling different kinds:

Yes, that pic above is my Cocker Spaniel. She doesn't know this yet, but she'll be my official model for new designs currently in the works. Don't worry, she'll get some tasty biscuits as payment for her time.

So, feel free to visit my Etsy shop called Goo City soon because I'll be adding these "Doggie Daisies" to my inventory. Plus, I started making bow ties for male dogs! WOOT! Stay tuned...