Monday, March 19, 2012

9mm Earns 4 our of 5 Clicks from One Click Mac

9mm just got a
fantastic review from One Click Mac and they mention story! WOO-HOO! Here's an excerpt:

"I have commented many times in the past about Gameloft's inability to tell a good story. Take a glance at Eternal Legacy, Fast Five The Movie: Official Game or Dungeon Hunter Alliance and you'll see what I mean. In 9mm, everything changes. Your action-packed tale of torment and anger is well written and, most importantly, well voice acted."

"In all, 9mm is worth it for the asking price if you are looking for a creative and diverse campaign. The multiplayer is a great addition, but too new to be of any value in its current state. It's moody, it's brash and it's Gameloft's most impressive Mac narrative yet."

Click here to read the full review, and buy your copy of 9mm from the App Store!

Also, 9mm was just nominated for Pocketgamer's Readers' Choice Awards!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Midnight Pool 3 Wins Silver Award from Pocketgamer!

My latest project, Midnight Pool 3, just won a Silver Award and a score of 8.0 out of 10 from Pocketgamer.

Game Reviewer James Nouch writes, "I mean, how much narrative justification does anyone really need to play a bit of 8-ball?

But while their presence might not be necessary, that isn't to say these additions aren't welcome. Midnight Pool 3's story is an endearingly ludicrous one, in which every dispute is decided with billiard balls, and every narrative beat takes place next to a felted table."

Here's a trailer that shows you some gameplay:

You can purchase Midnight Pool 3 now on your mobile phone. Yay!