Monday, November 11, 2013

Introducing... Furry Wiggle Butts (yes, seriously)

As many of you know, I am an active volunteer in the dog rescue world. This week, I've started a brand new blog called Furry Wiggle Butts. (Yep, that's a double r, double g, and double t). On that blog, I'll write about all things dog including rescue stories, product reviews, great deals, and some dog news too!

Starting a new blog will enable me to keep this one more focused on my writing career and my love of technology. At some point, I may choose to merge both blogs but for now, it feels great to keep them in two separate spaces. If I review a tech product related to dogs (which is entirely possible), I may just have to include the post on both blogs. Until then, if you're a lover of furry wiggle butts and four-legged friends, please follow me over in my WordPress world. WOOF!

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